The Alien Agenda
General Information
Original broadcast February 8, 2013
Season One
Episode number Fifteen
Written by Kenny Byerly
Directed by Juan Meza-Leon
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Previous episode New Girl in Town
Next episode The Pulverizer (episode)

The Alien Agenda is the fifteenth episode of first season.


When Leonardo gets fed up with Raphael's criticism, he puts him in charge. While free of leadership, he meets Karai, a teenage girl, who's also a member of the Foot.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:




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Jason Biggs Leonardo
Rob Paulsen Donatello
Sean Astin Raphael
Greg Cipes Michelangelo
Hoon Lee Splinter
Mae Whitman April O'Neil
Kelly Hu Karai
Kevin Michael Richardson Shredder
Nolan North The Kraang
Phil LaMarr Baxter Stockman
Christian Lanz Fishface
Clancy Brown Dogpound
Cassandra Peterson Ms. Campbell

Connections to previous episodes


  • Shredder threatened to remove Baxter's legs, which is actually something happened in the 2003 TV series, although not specifically his legs, although he did eventually end up reduced to nothing more than a one-eyed head.
  • Justin was named after the production assistant, Justin Nix.[1]
  • The Shredder learns about the Kraang's existence in this episode.

Cultural references

  • Dogpound references Disney's The Little Mermaid, when he teased Fishface was a mermaid growing legs.


  1. Byerly, Kenny (February 9, 2013). "Alien Agenda is a very good episode. You really...". Kenny's Bloggerly's Internet Life. Retrieved April 16, 2017.

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