Space Heroes TNG title card

Space-Heroes: The Next Generation is the 1990's sequel series to the cartoon, Space-Heroes. It stars Captain Ryan again, but now much older and bombastic, with a new crew. The show was deemed "too disturbing" for kids, so most of the VHS tapes were thrown into a land fill.[1]

Description of show

The Next Generation continues the adventures of Captain Ryan through space on behalf of the Confederation. One of the crewmen joining him is Crankshaw Jr., the apparent son of Mr. Crankshaw.



  • The show is a parody of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Ryan is a parody of an older James T. Kirk, mixed in with Jean Luc Picard. Crankshaw Jr. is a parody of Wesley Crusher, along with parodies of visor-wearing Geordie La Forge and android Data.


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