Olympia Diner

April evades a Footbot outside the diner.

The Olympia Diner is a Greek-themed diner in New York City.


Season one

The Turtles stealthily pass the diner, when all they're doing is being taken to Murakami's noodle shop by April O'Neil.[1]

As the Template:Rat King's rats first swarmed the city, they passed over the cop car of Jim, disgusting him, then making him spill the hot coffee on himself, he brought from the diner.[2]

Season two

While being hunted down by Footbots, April desperately called Donatello for help with her T-Phone, as she hid behind a trash can at the front of the diner. One of the Footbots discovered her, though, taking a swipe at her with its scythe-like hand, which April quickly dodged and went back on the run again.[3]



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