For the clone, see Mom-Thing.
Mrs. O'Neil
Mrs. O'Neil
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Other Statistics
Relatives Kirby O'Neil;
April O'Neil (daughter)
Production Details
First appearance The Kraang Conspiracy (photo)
Buried Secrets
Voiced by Renae Jacobs

Mrs. O'Neil was the mother of April O'Neil. She was married to Kirby O'Neil, and disappeared when April was 6 years old.[1]


Early life

O'Neil family photo

Photo of baby April with parents.

The O'Neil family had been experimented on for generations by the Kraang (which included April's mom),[1] as they needed to perfect the human DNA, so they would successfully be transformed with Mutagen in Earth's.[2] This affected April the most, who exhibited unclear special gifts, which brought back the attention of the Kraang, who tried to abduct April, but got her mom, instead. She was then put into stasis in the Kraang ship buried beneath the O'Neil farmhouse.[1]

Season two

April managed to distract Karai by revealing that she had also lost her mother, giving her time to escape.[3]

Jack Kurtzman, a journalist who had been investigating kidnapped scientists by the Kraang, was the first to reveal to April that her mother had been captured by them.[2]

Season three

The turtles find April's long-lost mother frozen in a Kraang ship buried under the farmhouse, though it's not really her, but rather a mutated clone with Mrs. O'Neil's memories.[1]



  • In Buried Secrets, Mrs. O'Neil is voiced by Renae Jacobs, who voiced April in the 1987 TV series.


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