Vital Statistics
Real name Hamato Miwa
Species Human
Hair color Black
Other Statistics
Relatives Splinter (father, deceased);
Tang Shen (mother, deceased)
Affiliation Foot Clan;
The Turtles;
April O'Neil;
Mighty Mutanimals
Production Details
First appearance Rise of the Turtles, Part 1 (as Miwa, photo)
Rise of the Turtles, Part 2 (as Miwa, real)
New Girl in Town (as Karai)
Voiced by Kelly Hu

Oroku Karai (real name Hamato Miwa) is the birth daughter of Splinter and Tang Shen. A final showdown between Splinter and Shredder in their youth ended with the accidental death of Karai's mother, and in the aftermath, Shredder kidnapped to raise her as his own; fleeing to New York to start their new life.


Total appearances: 21.