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             Casey Jones                

Casey Jones is a  friend of April O'Neil, who appears in season 2. Casey and April Attend the same high school, Roosevelt High, and when Casey needs a tutor he gets April to help. Casey got held back a year so he needed a tutor and April so happened to help him. He is a friend of the turtles. Casey's personality is a little child like but more on the flirty side seeing that he flirts with April every time she's around. He thinks they are 'dating' but April thinks other wise.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Age            18

                                                                                                        Species       Human

                                                                                                           Gender       Male

                                                                                                           Hair Color   Black

                                                                                                           Eye Color   Brown

                                                                     ''                           First Appearance  Mutagen Man Unleashed


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