Baxter Stockman

Baxter Stockman


Vital Statistics
Other names Stockman-Fly (mutant only)
Species Human
Mutated human/fly hybrid (formerly)[1]
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Other Statistics
Production Details
First appearance I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman
The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman (as Stockman-Fly)
Voiced by Phil LaMarr

Baxter Stockman is a scientist who opposes the Turtles. This led him to get involved with the Shredder. Due to constant failures from Stockman, Shredder punished him by releasing mutagen onto Stockman, which crossed with the DNA of a fly, creating Stockman-Fly.[2] When the Turtles stormed Super Shredder's secret mansion, Michelangelo threw a retro-mutagen bomb at him, reverting him back to a human again.[1]


Total appearances: 10.



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